All photos herein taken by us ©Wildacres


At Wildacres we have a range of fascinating and educational walks and talks, workshops and courses for you to enjoy. We aim to inspire and inform whilst giving you, our visitor, an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The nature reserve showcases how natural habitats such as hedgerow, ponds, woodland and wildflower meadow can be both created and restored. And how wildlife can return and flourish when given the chance and when the environment is right.

Wildacres’ Sustainable Apiary and Honey production is a shining example of how agri-food can be produced in harmony with nature.

Our Visitor Experience has been designed with low environmental impact in mind – our electricity supply is generated from 100% renewable energy, our drinking water comes from our own onsite well, we use a Willow percolation system for sink waste water and tea/coffee is served in a real mug!

Whether you are interested to learn how honey is produced (sustainably), or would like to enjoy a guided biodiversity rich nature walk, join us for a wellness morning, or any one of our tours/walks.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wildacres.

If you would like to enquire about a private tour or walk, or are part of an organisation wanting to organise a ‘Team Day Out’ please contact us here.