Our Story

About Brian

My love and appreciation of nature and the environment developed from an early age having spent most of my feral youth exploring the wonderful forest, river and meadows at the back of my home in Co. Dublin rescuing many an injured bird or mammal along the way. I have always had a passion for constantly learning about the natural world, the protection of native Irish wildlife, and in sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

After 30 years working in sales and management in the construction industry, in 2016 I turned my hobby as a beekeeper into a business producing and selling delicious pure raw Irish honey and delivering talks and workshops on beekeeping with a native wildlife focus. Soon after I went on the lookout for land in Co Wicklow which could become a sanctuary for our native wildlife and in 2017 the Wildacres story began……

About Gilly

My love of the great outdoors developed from a young age when I was very lucky to be introduced to the excitement of skiing at the Ski Club of Ireland in Kilternan Co. Dublin by my late Aunt Clare. Come rain, hail or shine and occasionally snow for over four decades I’ve been enjoying this fabulous sport in the Dublin hills and I especially love passing on my skills to others as a voluntary Ski Instructor.

After 20 years working in Sales, Marketing and Management in the Media Services Sector, in recent years I retrained as a Nutrition & Fitness Coach and Pilates Instructor. I work with groups and individuals, empowering them to maximize their health and well-being and to understand the connection between nature and our environment and our physical and mental health. And then a new chapter in my life began……

Together is better!

In Autumn 2017 we purchased 17.5 acres of undulating agricultural land in East Co Wicklow, on the beautiful Redcross river, with the aim of transforming it into a Nature Reserve, Honey Farm and Biodiversity Education Experience.

Gifting the land back to nature, restoring its natural habitats, encouraging biodiversity and establishing it in as an accessible and sustainable wildlife sanctuary and visitor environment, is the focus of the Wildacres Nature Reserve Project.

We have merged our separate businesses, are combining our skills, sharing ideas and have a joint vision for Wildacres. What an exciting number of years it has been and we feel so happy to spend the second half of our lives dedicated to this Environmental Social Enterprise.

With Thanks

We are very grateful to our children who have been so supportive of what we are doing and have helped us in so many ways. From practical help on the land, to coming up with the name Wildacres!

We also appreciate the support we have received from our extended families, friends, neighbours and all the wonderful new people we are meeting along the way.

Wildacres is a dream come true. We aim to inspire and encourage as many people as possible in Ireland to help reverse the catastrophic biodiversity loss we are experiencing in this beautiful country of ours, and make it a healthy and flourishing land for future generations.

We look forward to meeting you!

Join our mission. Help Biodiversity.


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