About Wildacres

Who We Are

Wildacres is a Nature Reserve, Honey Farm and Biodiversity Education Experience in East County Wicklow on the beautiful Redcross river just a few kilometres from stunning Brittas Bay and only minutes from the quaint rural village of Redcross.

We have a variety of engaging, enjoyable and informative nature focussed Tours, Walks, Workshops and Courses for you to choose from, along with open days and an exciting annual Honey Harvest Day in Autumn.

Wildacres is set across 4 fields with mature tree-lined boundaries and a meandering river. Until the end of 2017 the fields had been heavily grazed by sheep for many years and very little wildlife called this place home. Since then, we have planted over 10,000 native Irish trees, 2 km of native Irish hedgerow, created 9 wildlife ponds, a 4-acre wildflower meadow, an apiary of beehives for sustainable honey harvesting, a traditional orchard with Irish heritage apple varieties, a native Irish tree nursery, a showcase pollinator bed, 1km of reinstated river riparian zone, erected numerous bat, bird and owl nest boxes and lots more to come!

Build it and they will come….

The results have been absolutely amazing…. from the proliferation of insect life to the return of myriads of small mammals and amphibians, from the acres filled with delicate wildflowers, busy birds and beautiful butterflies to the hearty growth of broadleaf woodland, this haven is now brimming with wildlife. If you wish to learn more about any of projects contact us to enquire about booking a private tour here or joining one of our group workshops here.

Observations and recordings

We observe many different species of birds including swallows and house martens using our ponds for feeding, bathing and dipping, dozens of dragonflies and damselflies performing their dazzling aerobatic displays, and we get the occasional glimpse of the more elusive creatures such as Bats, Deer, Pine marten, Red kites and Kingfisher.

We hear the iconic drumming of the Great Spotted Woodpecker and hope that someday we will be treated to the screech of our beloved Barn Owl.

To learn more about our native wildlife and habitats and what you can do for biodiversity check out the nature tours we have coming up here. Or to see the wildlife we have recorded on Wildacres check out our biodiversity section here.

An Environmental Social Enterprise

Wildacres is an environmental social enterprise whose mission it is to preserve and restore our precious native biodiversity and to help educate and inspire others to do the same. All proceeds from the sale of our produce, products, tours, walks, workshops and courses go back into the Wildacres project.
Read more about social enterprise here.