Return to Nature

It is exciting to see how Wildacres is becoming more biodiverse year on year as the land returns to nature.

The wetlands, wildflower meadow, hedgerow, woodland and river riparian zone are all exploding into growth and attracting in all manner of wildlife.

It is incredibly heart-warming and rewarding to see, amongst other positive indicators, the flocks of House Martens and Swallows skimming over the ponds where once there was only short, cropped grass.

We love the thrill of watching scarce beautiful Yellowhammers feeding on the seed heads in the rough field margins or catching a shot on the trail camera of our elusive Pine marten (Cat Crainn) foraging nightly in the Nature Reserve.

To view the Biodiversity Emergency as the real crisis that it is (declared as such by our government in May 2019), it is abundantly clear that the challenge is for us to act urgently, both on an individual and organisation level…to act to rescue and reinstate habitats and species before they disappear down the one-way road towards extinction.

Given a chance, wild nature can and will recover. Its return captivates and fascinates us, enriching our lives and the lives of generations to follow and ultimately the planet we call home.