Spring Kicks Off with Masses of Frogspawn at Wildacres

One of many frogs at Wildacres

We have recorded large amounts of frogspawn this Spring, having noted it in 26 of our now, 35 wildlife ponds. This is so heartening to see, a real “Good News” Biodiversity story.

We have found frogspawn in nearly all our ponds


Exciting to see the volume of frogspawn

When we checked we found masses of fresh frogspawn, a lot of which was well above the waterline, deposited on the grass.

Rescuing frogspawn above waterline


As this would quickly desiccate in the sun, we collected all the spawn which was not in water.

The result was five full buckets, which we relocated to many of the other ponds on the Nature Reserve.

Frogspawn in grass can dessicate in the sun

We found lots of frogspawn in the grass


We discovered even more frogspawn in the grass!


5 full buckets of frogspawn rescued from the grass


Frogs sometimes deposit spawn in the strangest of places, from water filled tyre depressions in the mud, to small puddles on the side of a path, and many more ultimately unsuitable locations.

On many occasions we have seen spawn deposited in small amounts above the waterline, but never on this scale!

Some would say they are “not the Sharpest Knives in the Drawer”.😎

Mind you, looking daily at the news and seeing the horrific actions, perpetrated by some of us humans upon each other and the mass destruction of our precious environment, maybe they are the “Sharper Knives” after all!

But back to our wonderful frogs….breeding frogs in large numbers are a good sign.

When habitats are degraded, frogs are quick to suffer significant declines as they are extremely sensitive to pollution. As such they are regarded as important “Bio Indicators” in assessing the health of the surrounding environment.

Also on the Nature Reserve currently the Otters are extremely active, dining nightly on frogs.

Otter spraint (poo!)


Otter spraint found near the ponds


A telltale sign of their presence is finding, their spraints (Poo) around some of the ponds.

Trust me on this, but it actually has a sweet aroma of Jasmine and Freshly cut grass ! 😎
One of the ways sometimes used to ascertain it was an Otter who deposited it.

We have also extensive and exciting Trail Camera footage of an Otter pair moving from pond to pond at night to hunt.

We captured on camera these two frogs mating which is called “Amplexus” (latin for embrace), whereby the male will clasp the female, holding on with special pads on his feet. When she deposits her eggs, he externally fertilises them.

A pair of frogs in Amplexus (mating)


Frogs are so important and fascinating , ya gotta love them! 😎🐸

Their numbers have hugely declined. So why not help them and lots of other creatures, by creating a pond this Spring.

Check out our wildlife pond workshops here

We love receiving photos and updates from people who have attended our workshops. The photo below is of a lovely pond created by Cat and her husband after attending our Ponds Workshop. We are delighted to hear that it is full of water beetles, lots of other invertebrates and their first frogspawn!

Cat’s Pond is full of life



A pond can be as small as a sink or half whiskey barrel !


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