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Yellow Rattle – The Meadow Maker – Seed Packets


Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) is a semi parasitic native annual which absorbs water and nutrients from neighbouring plants – particularly grasses. Therefore it is useful to introduce it into flower meadows to help prevent grasses dominating over the flowering plants. Hence the nickname ‘Meadow Maker’. It is a beautiful yellow flowering plant which is attractive to pollinators.

This Yellow Rattle Seed was harvested carefully by hand by us (Gilly and Brian) from our Wildflower Meadow in September this year (2023). All invertebrates that fell into our seed collection buckets were released safely back out into the meadow.

Note: Each pack contains 5g. Sow before Christmas as it requires an extended cold period in order to germinate in Spring.

Sowing Method:

  • Cut vegetation to ground level. Take away clippings (use on compost heap or to mulch trees)
  • Expose some soil have scarifying the ground with a rake.
  • Spread the seed lightly – 0.5-1g per m² ensuring seed contact with the soil.
  • Gently firm in.


What to expect:

  • The seed will germinate in spring, the plant will flower in summer, and then in Autumn the flowers will turn to seed contained in brown seed pods. When dry you can hear the ‘rattle’ of the seed in the seed pod if you shake them. Hence the name ‘Yellow Rattle’.
  • You can collect some seed for sowing in other areas of your land/garden.
  • Avoid cutting your flower meadow/patch after Spring when the yellow rattle seed has germinated and the plants are starting to grow.
  • Yellow Rattle is suitable for long flowering patches/meadow only. Not suitable for short flowering areas that will be cut every 3-6 weeks.


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We deliver to all 32 counties in Ireland.

Sold out!

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