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The Happy Hive!



  • Gift box of six Jars of Wildacres Raw Wildflower Honey (2 boxes with 3 jars in each)
  • One Jar of Wildacres Raw Ivy Honey
  • Two Pure Beeswax Dinner Candles
  • One Pure Beeswax pillar candle with natural botanical oil infusion.
  • A Beeswax lip balm.
  • Monthly Bulletin ‘All Buzzed Up’ direct to your inbox featuring wonderful photos of the bees in the Wildacres Apiary, flowers they are foraging on and updates on hive activity and honey flow.
  • HiveSharing Certificate detailing your sponsorship (can be gifted to someone else)
  • A pack of native wildflower seed collected from Wildacres Nature Reserve.
  • A potted native Willow tree sapling cultivated and grown on Wildacres Nature Reserve. (Grows to a wonderful medium sized tree/shrub that is absolutely fantastic for all sorts of native wildlife, especially Bees!).
  • An invitation to join us for the end of season Honey Festival to celebrate the Honey Harvest at Wildacres.

Sold out!

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