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Enjoy a private Honey Harvest Celebration Day and Wildlife Experience on Wildacres Nature Reserve&Honey Farm, for you and your team, which can include the following:

  • A talk on Beekeeping and Honey production in The Big Green Barn with a tour of our Honey extraction and bottling setup.
  • View inside the live working observation beehive from the safety of the other side of a glass separating panel.
  • And/or option for all participants to put on a Beesuit and be brought to the Apiary to look inside a full working hive and see the bees in action up close.
  • Social break with refreshments and honey cookies whilst seated overlooking our main Wildlife pond.
  • A relaxing walk to see and hear all about our four-acre Native Wildflower meadow and our ¾ acre wildlife pond.
  • Taste the amazing different flavours and experience the wonderful varied textures of the types of Honey produced at Wildacres such as Wildflower Honey, Ivy Honey and the much lauded and sought-after Heather Honey.
  • Picnic Outdoor/ Indoor to include:
  • Selection of Gourmet Sandwiches
  • Teas/Coffee
  • Selection of sweet treats
  • A gift for all attendees of
    • a jar of Wildacres Wildflower Honey
    • a packet of Native Wildflower seeds,
    • a native willow small sapling to plant to help our pollinators
    • a booklet of how to help wildlife in your own garden or outdoor space.

Price available on request or for more information please contact us here.

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